Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Develop a winning website -- with pictures

I once wrote a piece called 'Why Tennis Websites Fail' and it was one of the most widely read articles on The Tennis Hacker. So it occurred to to me that you want to hear more about the nuts-and-bolts about putting together The Tennis Hacker.

Google, I have found, values photographs. Just type in one of the Futures players, say, 'Chase Buchanan, tennis' or 'Jose De Armas tennis' in a Google search box, then search 'Images'. You would find that The Tennis Hacker pictures may take up the whole first page.

What ever your subject, try to add relevant photos to your website. (Do not put the photos in slide shows, unless you understand what is called Google Analytics -- the Google robot can not get inside many of the slide shows to find the pictures.)

Many readers find The Tennis Hacker through photo or image searches. It is a great way to get Google to promote your website.


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Monday, December 1, 2008

Argentina, Australia host Futures events

Australia Futures
December 1-7, 2008
Sorrento, Australia
$15,000, 32 Draw
Hard, Outdoor
Main Draw Singles
Main Draw Doubles
Qualifying Draw

Argentina Futures
December 1-7, 2008
Tucuman, Argentina
$10,000, 32 Draw
Clay, Outdoor
Main Draw Singles
Main Draw Doubles
Qualifying Draw

Sijsling headlines in Dominican Republic

Adam El Mihdawy, also in Dominican Republic.

Dominican Republic Futures (F3)
December 1-7, 2008
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
$10,000, 32 Draw
Hard, Outdoor
Main Draw Singles
Main Draw Doubles
Qualifying Draw

Igor Sijsling romps in Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic Futures (F2)
November 24-30, 2008
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
$10,000, 32 Draw
Hard, Outdoor
Main Draw Singles
Main Draw Doubles
Qualifying Draw

Dominican Republic Futures Earnings
Player NameCountryMoney Won
Igor SijslingNED$1300
Andrey KumantsovRUS$900
Vladimir ObradovicSRB$480
Jose Checa-CalvoESP$480
Guillermo OlasoESP$290
Matthieu GuenatSUI$290
Jamie BakerGBR$290
Jose HernandezDOM$290
Robert KhouryUSA$200
Frank WintermantelGER$200
Yannick JankovitsFRA$200
Adam El MihdawyUSA$200
Treat HueyPHI$200
Dusan LojdaCZE$200
Romain HardyFRA$200
Pedro SousaPOR$200
David GoffinBEL$117.50
Ace NeumannCAN$117.50
Alessandro GiannessiITA$117.50
Lado ChikhladzeGEO$117.50
Roman RecarteVEN$117.50
Cedrik-Marcel StebeGER$117.50
Takanyi GarangangaZIM$117.50
Nikolaus MoserAUT$117.50
Valery RudnerRUS$117.50
Andrei PlotniyRUS$117.50
Alex LlompartPUR$117.50
Roberto MaytinVEN$117.50
Laury AriasDOM$117.50
Germain GigounonBEL$117.50
David MartinezVEN


Yohny RomeroVEN



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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Caracas, Venezuela Money List

Jose De Armas

Caracas, Venezuela Futures Octo 13-19, 2008
Player NameCountryMoney Won
Jose De ArmasVEN$1300
Piero LuisiVEN$900
Julio-Cesar CampozanoECU$480
Yohny RomeroVEN$480
Miguel CicenaVEN$290
Roberto MaytinVEN$290
Alejandro GonzalezCOL$290
Luis David MartinVEN$290
Andres Garriga RiveroVEN$200
Leonel VivasVEN$200
Viju GeorgeUSA$200
Jesus BandresVEN$200
Ricardo RodriguezVEN$200
Diego LasryVEN$200
Raphael Shikuma PfisterBRA$200
Radames RiesVEN$200
Jeffrey DasUSA$117.50
Antonio ArceVEN$117.50
Sergio OlivaresVEN$117.50
Ariel BeharURU$117.50
Thales LevyBRA$117.50
Jimy SzymanskiVEN$117.50
Jose GarciaVEN$117.50
Stefno LicataARG$117.50
John Carlos CeballosVEN$117.50
Gregory ChambazSUI$117.50
Fernando ArchilaVEN$117.50
Orlando SuperlanoVEN$117.50
Roman RecarteVEN


Jorge VaronVEN


Andres QuijadaVEN


Pedro AstVEN



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Jose De Armas wins seven tournaments

Jose De Armas 2008 Futures Earnings
FuturesDateResultMoney Won
Caracas, Venenzuela Oct 13-19Winner$1,300
Valencia, Venenzuela Oct 6-12Winner$1,300
Barquisimeto, Venenzuela Sept 29-Oct 5Winner$1,300
Irvine, California Sept 23-28Lost, final$900
Valencia, Venenzuela July 28-Aug 3Winner$1,300
Maracaibo, Venenzuela July 21-27Winner$1,300
Valencia, Venenzuela June 23-29Winner$1,300
Caracas, Venenzuela June 16-22Lost, semifinal$480
Maracay, Venenzuela June 9-15Winner$1,300
Orange Park, Florida May 6-11Lost, round of 16$200
Vero Beach, Florida April 29-May 4Lost, final$900
Harlingen, Texas Feb 26-March 2Lost, round of 32$176.25
Boca Raton, Florida Jan 18-21Lost, round of 16$200
Total $11,956.25

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Jose De Armas Venezuelan Run

Jose De Armas (VEN)
Birthdate: 3/25/1981Birthplace: Florida, USA
Plays: Right handBackhand: One hand

Jose De Armas 2008 Venezuela Futures Victories

Caracas, Oct 13-19

Final OpponentScore
Piero Luisi6-1, 6-3

Valencia, Oct 6-12

Final OpponentScore
Julio-Cesar Compozano6-1, 6-3

Barquisimeto, Sept 29-Oct 5

Final OpponentScore
Julio-Cesar Compozano6-1, 6-3

Valencia, Jul 28-Aug 3

Final OpponentScore
Brett Ross6-4, 6-3

Maracaibo, Jul 21-27

Final OpponentScore
Piero Luisi6-3, 0-6, 6-3

Valencia, June 23-29

Final OpponentScore
Julio-Cesar Compozano6-7 (5)6-0 , 6-3

Maracay, June 9-13

Final OpponentScore
Roman Recarte3-6, 6-4, 7-5

Friday, November 21, 2008

Jose De Armas wins big in Venezuela

Jose De Armas dominated the Futures circuit in Venezuela this year. October was a particularly special month. De Armas won three tournaments in October defeating Piero Luisi in the final in Caracas and Julio-Cesar Compozano in the final of Barquisimeto and De Armas also beat Compozano in the final of Valencia.
Jose De Armas won a grand total of seven events in his home of Venezuela in 2008.
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